Have fun playing a unique and fun match 3 puzzle game
"Krishna Balram Super Match 3".


5000 years ago, there lived a king named Ugrasena.
He had two children…

Its play time!
Play the game to know the story.

Have fun playing a unique and fun match 3 puzzle game
“Krishna Balram Super Match 3”.

Play challenging levels by match 3 elements of same color,
and combine powerful boosters to create a heavy explosions.

Switch and match elements in this krishna balram adventure to
play the further levels. Solve puzzles with intelligent moves and
get rewards!



More levels are going to be added every week and stories of krishna and balram.


Come back daily and earn rewards in various ways(Daily Rewards, spin wheel)


Play challenging levels, Goals includes Score, collect ingredients, break ice blocks, break chain block and other goals.


Score high and challenge your friends
(will be added in the next update)

Comic style and adventurous story of krishna and balram.
Unique style of graphics and beautiful and cute characters of Krishna and Balram.

Levels are from easy, medium, hard and hardcore, every individual can enjoy levels.

It is very easy to play between devices and unlock the game when connected to Internet or Wifi.
Game can be played with internet and without internet connection.


The game Krishna Balram Super Match 3 and its stories in the game are work of
fiction and taken from the mythological stories of Shri Krishna and Balram.
Creative liberties are taken for good looking of the game. The characters of Krishna
and Balram might not be the same as religious text. The stories inside the game are
taken only for entertainment purpose but not to hurt any religious sentiments of any
individual or group or community.